Travis Crim






Travis has been speaking professionally for more than twenty years. His initial opportunities came while he was still a student-athlete at the University of Alabama through FCA and Cru. Since then, he has continued to develop his unique brand of communication, infusing a passion for Biblical truth with practical life-application and humor. He speaks extensively for the JH Ranch and Outback America in addition to marriage, family and corporate conferences throughout the country. 



Travis was a breath of fresh air for our students. He asked the right questions in an effort to speak to our kids right where they were. He was real with our people and our students responded. That's just one of the reasons we keep bringing him back.


Ben Johnson / Camp Berea / Hebron, NH



JH Ranch and Outback events are tricky; you're dealing with a spectrum of people... wildly successful CEO dads to recovering alcoholics who've lost everything, rebellious teenagers to husband and wives on the verge of divorce. In a single weekend, Travis is able to connect and engage every single group. That's a rare, special kind of ability. He's a must for our venues and has been a staple for us for almost twenty years.

bruce johnston / jh ranch & outback america / etna, ca


Really fun. Really easy. Really powerful. That's my experience working with Travis Crim. His content is always solid and on-point. He's obviously hilarious, but you can tell the humor is just a vehicle to connect and build trust. We've had him in front of our adults, our college students and our teenagers... when he has the room he dives into the Word, unpacking Scripture in a way that people get it... always pointing folks to Jesus. 

ryan smith / FBC Fairhope / fairhope, al



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All series consist of four talks and include small group discussion questions for each talk.